Happy Autumn and New Social Media

Hey there! How’s everyone enjoying their first couple of weeks of autumn? I have been falling in love with Colorado more and more everyday with the changing leaves – so many crazy colors! – and the chilly weather! I’m currently snuggled under a blanket in my fuzzy robe and I couldn’t be more excited I get to enjoy this the first week of October! So soon for me!

pumpkin and candle

Random Spooky Stock Photo for Autumn Feels

I recently made accounts for This Write Here on all major Social Media sites. I added the link widget on the side bar over there – take a look to your right! I now have an account for Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. I have no idea what to post on Instagram (LOL) but I will figure something out! For my Pinterest account I plan on using it to share writing tips that I have found useful or want to explore. Twitter will mostly be the same as my Facebook updates as I have linked the accounts, but thought I should still branch out even though I never use Twitter personally.

Kip has suggested I use this blog to write short stories and I am apprehensive because I’m … not sure why … so¬† … since I have no good reason not to, I guess I will!

Keep an eye out for new short stories added to the blog soon!


Thanks for reading!